Oh I am sooooooo tired of hearing about people being afraid of stepping up to who they are called to be. Most if not all who have crossed paths with me claim that what is stopping them is FEAR. And most will not even articulate what they are afraid of, maybe because it is just a mirage? Or it doesn’t exist? Oh well. Lets get to figuring out how to overcome fear!

The other day, my daughter was playing the piano and she bellowed out the notes. I could swear that at some point her voice was off key, yet her piano was on. Later on she went to her room, turned on her stereo, yes she has one, that plays cassettes and CDs, and the radio. Whatever…I believe in exposing my children to all the things that ever were, and then let them decide what they want. She wants this stereo and all the goodies it offers her.

Me and my Children, in whom I am well pleased

Anyhow, she picked up her latest CD, which is of the church musical, ‘Isaiah Jones’ that she has a lead role in. SO as she folded her clothes, she sang to the tunes of ‘Isaiah Jones’. She belted out those tones without a fear in the world of how she sounded. Again, I was like, Jeez, she is so off key!

Then I caught myself! Who am I to decide if she is off key or not? She is bellowing her heart out, her pipes are healthy as they can be, she is happy, I didn’t even have to remind her to go through her songs and lines, she did it herself! I am so glad I did not interrupt. I am glad I kept my insensitive comments to myself. How often do we as adults take it upon ourselves, to impose our beliefs on our children? We do not even question the premise of these beliefs, instead we tell the children what is right and wrong, how to behave or not.

I could have stopped my littlun’ right there and then, as she played the piano and told her that she was off key and needed to sing “properly” and stay on key! What a load of bullshit! Can you imagine how she would have felt? She probably would have abandoned the piano practice, not even got to folding her laundry and of course not even practiced her lines and songs for the musical.

I know for certain that criticizing my writing turned me off writing because I was afraid that whoever was reading would judge me and not even like what I wrote! I develop a fear for writing that it has taken me years to reclaim my gift. Can you believe I won writing competition and yet now I am always second guessing myself before I write? I loved using the big words, then someone told me to tone it down because people would not understand what I wrote. What a load of crap!

I grew up reading Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy, Jane Austen, and all those British writers whose English was so hard to crack! But hey, I understood the purpose of a dictionary! By the way one time I won a dictionary when my essay came second in a competition. At first I felt silly, but I embraced that dictionary that 30 years later, I still have it! Anyhow, we all can do what we need to do, to discover our unique way of how to overcome fear.

Fear is just a load of bullshit. It exists because we let it. I liken fear to a shadow. When the sun is brightest, a shadow is smallest, and as the sun goes down, our shadow becomes longer and more noticeable. When you dim your light, fear becomes big, massive, in your face and blocks out the view of your dreams and wishes. If you want to learn how to overcome fear, you have to practice howto turn up your light. Turn it up to the brightest! Go rogue! If it requires you to get the highest voltage for your internal light bulb, do that and blind fear in the eyes!

Fear tends to attack our greatest gifts! Gosh, it attacked my writing! I wouldn’t want to be an agent of fear for my child by attacking her singing, or anything else she does! Our childhood matters! We’ve got to be careful with our responses to those in our care. We could get temporary results that satisfy us, but these souls will spend the rest of their lives dealing with the consequences of our pressures manifesting as fear. They will have to find someone to help them identify the source and how to overcome fear. Imagine years later your child going through healing childhood trauma because of your parental efforts to instill your fear-based beliefs in them! Crazy innit?

I am glad to host a free event where we shall addressed sources of fear, and the techniques to obliterate fear from our lives. I swear I have heard people say we all have fears, fears are inevitable bla bla bla. Fear will always rear its ugly head. I refuse to let it live inside of me. Its a shadow outside of me and the only way it’s there is if I let it. Same with you. Whatever fears you have are because you have bought into the beliefs that were imparted in you. But fear can be disempowered. Just like a big ass bully! Ever seen a bully infront of authorities? Hahaha, they shrink like they’ve never bullied anyone before. Some even deny having bullied anyone! Those who stubbornly refuse to back down, eventually get destroyed by the fear they let grow inside of them.

I could write forever about fear. To me it’s a way to hit fear back for dimming my writing. For attacking my gift and mocking me for not embracing it fully. I now face fear from my superflow position. I don’t consult my ego, which seems to have created a pact with fear. My ego and my subconscious seem to have a special affinity for fear. But as a magical super power, I know that fear never owned me! I let it take up space in my life, I gave it room and it did not even pay rent! I now choose to live as my higher self, as truth. Fear cannot coexist with truth. Because fear is a liar. And that my friends is how to overcome fear!

It took me a while to get here, but I can support your journey as well. Join my free 30 day challenge to holistic transformation. Read more about it here. Or you can work with me for longer than that through my other programs.

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