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If you are like me and are always jittery and antsy when subjected to long meetings and trainings, you would need a hack to improve focus and productivity.

I don’t know about you, but I happen to work in a field where coloring books are not just for children, but adults need them too! As you can see from the cover photo, I don’t have to be embarrassed when I pull out my coloring book to get some personal therapy. I need it for concentration! To improve focus and productivity in the end.

Increase focus

I know, some people may find it disrespectful if someone is not holding eye contact. Well when I was a child, I was not allowed to look a grown up or anyone in authority in the eyes. So i have no problem looking away today. Yet when I stare at the presenter, I get jittery, my fingers start itching for something to do, my legs get restless, I start craving visits to the bathroom, texting, yawning, I just cannot focus!

Anyhow, I knew about coloring for adults and how its helpful, but during a recent Trauma Informed Leadership Workshop, the presenter had coloring pages and pencils on the tables. Cool, I thought. Then she explained why she had given us those goodies. It helps to improve focus and productivity!

Guess what I did on day two? I carried my adult colouring book and markers, and spent the next eight hours of the training, save for the breaks, coloring my focus sharp. That was the first time I went through a training with full concentration, I followed every word, didn’t get jittery at all, didn’t visit the bathroom at all (some might think this is not a good thing. Yet I drank lots of water!) I actually went to the bathroom about five times on the first day!

Increase productivity

Anyhow, the difference this time was I was mindful of what the coloring was doing for me. Not just as a pastime activity at the end of the day or during a break. This was coloring in the middle of a training! I did not care for what people thought, but all I cared about, what that I was very focused and absorbed the training. With this experience, I can see myself incorporating coloring in my daily activities. For example, if I am feeling sleepy yet I have some work that needs to be done, I will simply whip out my coloring book and get some done. That is my new hack to sharpen my brain, improve focus and productivity.

Now this might not be for everyone, but for me, it works! I wish one of my teachers in school had shown me this therapeutic process! When I recall the number of times I was punished for not sitting still, or loitering as I skipped long boring classes, it saddens me that no one could help me improve my focus and increase my output. I encourage you to find what works for you. This is why I have programs intended to empower you to connect with you and follow your soul’s voice! Try the coloring if you want to, for me it’s my latest hack, and I love it! Do not push through endless boring presentations – some may not be boring but if you cannot sit still, they may come across as that! Its not worth it to be embarrassed and suffer because you don’t want to be labelled a certain way. Me, am good. Always on the opposite side of the mainstream. Enjoy my 6-7hour long coloring samples!

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