Ever considered asking these questions in a deeper way? Most times when we are asked who we are, we tend to provide a superficial response of who we are. Something like, “I am a mom of four, wife, teacher, down to earth person.” How are you? Our response? “I am good,” “okay,” “not bad,” pbbbt! Where are you? This is a question we rarely ask someone who is physically present with us  We ask that question to people on the phone or through other media, to find their physical location.

Well, this blog post is intended to deepen your understanding of these questions and to be more intentional when you ask them next time. You will even pay more attention to the answer provided by the responder and, you could even ask follow up questions to their responses. Let’s get on with it!

Who are you?

This question is normally asked when someone wants to get to know us better so it elicits an introduction of sorts. We attempt to look at how that world sees us and we provide an answer and a little bit about what the other person wants to hear. this is where we provide our profession if any, we describe what we do in life, may be sprinkle some family related descriptions including marital status and sometimes number of children.

It all depends on the audience, how much we want them to know about us and how comfortable we are in that environment to reveal our inner most thoughts. Sometimes we even think people will judge us based on our answers and other times they do! In an interview, for example, we get judged by our responses to those questions, so we kind of hesitate when asked!

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Have you ever considered asking yourself who you are? Or maybe I should ask, have you ever described who you are? When I think of that question “Who am I?” I think of who I am called to be in this world. It is more of a reflective question on my end. I know that I am a Light Worker, and Energy Healer, called to not only shine my light like a lighthouse and lead people home, but to also be part of a spiritual pain buster team!

Therefore when I ask someone how they are, I don’t just ask as Miriam, I ask as I am also called to be. This means my antennae are always alert and ready to lead and to heal. So in others’ responses of who they are, I listen for any cry for help, in case they need it.

I thus implore you all to pay attention and reflect on who you are and, when you ask that question of anyone, be mindful of their responses in relation of who you are as well. How can your energies complement each other? Where can you be aligned and bring further meaning into each other’s lives? Each encounter should be purposeful.

Journaling and meditation are some of the ways you can use to reflect n the question of who you are. Some people will run or walk as part of this reflective process, but whatever you chose, have a process. If you cannot describe yourself according to your universal calling, it is time to dig deep and find those answers. Look to how you are and where you are as clues to who you are.

How are you?

When I ask this question, I am trying to find out how you are physically, spiritually and emotionally, aka, in your mind, body and spirit. Knowing how you are will also reveal parts of who you are, as the how creates the who.

Aside from wanting to know who you are through how you came to be, I need to know that you are okay. I want to know whether you are free of pain, or if you have pain, where it is and how intense it is. I want to know that you are not ill, and if you are, what is bothering you? Do you have broken bones? Have your basic needs been met? If not, how can I help? What can be done to fix the situation, or should anything be done?

Being in alignment,

improves our perception of who we are.

Our emotional and spiritual state is also important. What is going on beyond the outer physical picture of your life? Are you expanding into your higher  consciousness? What is helping you to get there and could it be shared? Are you struggling emotionally and need support? Do you have any blocks that are preventing you from living life to its full potential? If so, how can I help? Again any misalignment in your spiritual and emotional state will influence how you respond to how you are.

Next time, when someone asks you that question, “How are you?”, consider the above submission that it is beyond repeating the usual “I am fine thank you, how are you.” Surprise them with a deeper response then ask them how they are. Watch their face!

“How am I” should also be a question you ask yourself every single day upon awakening.  It is a great guiding question for your daily journaling as well. You could record how you are in the morning and at the end of the day and compare. You can use how you are as a check at different point in the day to keep you on track and focused on your life path.

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As well before your meditation, ask “how am I” then connect with your mind, body and spirit and check if there is anything out of alignment, any stuckness or blockages that need shifting. Then go ahead and do the necessary work to get you unstuck and remove the blocks.

Check in with how aligned you are with your personal goals, life purpose and higher consciousness. When we fail to tune into how we are, we not only limit ourselves, and it is also a form of self sabotage! So be more mindful next time you ask someone how they are, and also take the time daily to ask yourself how you are!

Where are you?

This question tends to throw people off! Many responses will make reference to physical location. However when I ask this question I am more concerned about your life purpose journey, your awakening. Who you are and how you are are determined by where you are. You have come to be the way you are based on life experienced that have helped shape your journey.

Many times we separate our current circumstances with our past experiences yet the latter directly creates the former. We help to create our past, present and or future circumstances with the decisions we make through out our lives. For example, the foods we choose to consume, whether healthy or full of toxins, if we exercise our bodies or not, what kind of music we listen too, what kind of media we consume, is it always the bad news allover media? How much reflection do we engage in? Do we practice self care? Do we read? What do we read? Do we engage in self development or not? What kind of people do we allow into our lives? Are they toxic relationships that bring in negative energy? Or are they positive minded people who can help move us ahead? All these and more will influence our life journey and affect our health, wealth and or relationships.

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Again, self reflection through journaling, meditation (whether seated quietly or walking) or which ever way you choose to reflect on the above, will increase your awareness of who you are, how or what state you are in, body, mind and spirit; as well, how you got to where you are.

Take stock of your personal experiences and if you feel that your journey could use an accelerated boost, so that your ‘who’ and ‘how’  can be clearer, do not hesitate to contact me. As well use those phrases with caution! “Who are you”, “How are you”, “Where are you”?



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