Business gurus have for the longest time advised us to create a business plan and evaluate it regularly. However, as part of the plan or its review, a SWOT analysis has to be completed. I never considered myself a business inclined person, or an entrepreneur even when I owned a confectionery. I always associated business or entrepreneurship with people who went to school and studied Commerce, Business Administration and related courses. How I was so wrong! Until it dawned on me that I needed a process in place if I wanted to re-discover self through intuitive growth and expansion

Anyhow, SWOT according to these guys stands for Strengths (what are the assets that benefit the business), Weaknesses (what are the flaws that affect or harm the business), Opportunities (what prospects are available to the business and Threats (the danger areas that may cause trouble for the business).

This concept struck me when I created the BREAK FREE ZONE as I realized that for a person to experience a shift in their existing situation, expand in their power and undergo a breakthrough in their life, they have to complete a SWOT analysis as a starting point.

A personal SWOT? You may ask! Well how does one do this?

With my support of course! I had to do this for myself and made the expansive shift to leap from the inside to the outside and start serving you! What I am about to share are the exact steps that I took to step out of my so called comfort zone, which turned out to not even be comfortable, duh! I actually was uncomfortable on the inside…but could not show those around me! I however decided to step into my personal energetic vibration and power. Now here I am to serve.

Here goes… It is important when completing this analysis that you actually write down what your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats are. Don’t be afraid to sing your praises on the roof top, or acknowledge areas that require more work, that why we do what we do as energy guides. We don’t judge… we actually walk you through this process if you cannot do it on your own and need that person to hold your hand!

OK! Let’s get on with this…

First of all, list all your strengths that you can think of

Remember to include those that other people have mentioned repeatedly even though you do not believe they are your strong areas. The first time I was described as wise, I was in shock!

First of all because it was my boss, then because everyone around the table nodded in agreement! I asked myself whether it was actually me being described or the guy next to me who was clearly not Miriam.

Then suddenly owls started showing up in my life, as stickers, a graduation balloon and then I developed a new love for owls. Others say I am soft spoken which I chuckle at. I do not know whether it is a good or bad thing but so far it has been used as a positive description. I can describe myself as patient, intuitive, level headed etc. What about you? What are you good at?

Now how could you take those strengths and use them to help you get to your next level?

For example, my intuition, patience and being soft spoken help me when working with clients at various stages. Some are not ready to tell everything, or simply tell lies. I am able to call their bluff in a gentle but firm way and they know they cannot get away with it. As well, patience helps to tenderly breakdown the vulnerabilities, and create some level of trust.

What would you consider to be your weaknesses?

Be honest with yourself because when you do not confront these weaknesses, you sabotage your breakthrough process. For example, I am not the most organized person, and I struggle with procrastination.

After identifying your weaknesses, consult with your strengths and identify which ones you could draw on to help you combat your weaknesses.

This post for example has been months in the making. I procrastinated, but I drew on my patience and intuition which helped me believe in myself more and I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone to complete it! Hurray!!

So, if you were to flip some of your weaknesses and turn them into strengths, how do you see this happening for you?

Challenge yourself to see the seemingly impossible. Just remember that no one experiences success without overcoming an obstacle. It’s okay to feel shitty when you confront your weaknesses. The most effective way is to write them down. It allows you to fell them like a David in the Goliath story. Take a few moments and write down some steps that you would take to turn those weaknesses into strengths that work for you.

Take a moment and reflect on your life as a whole

What opportunities are available to you, that you could take advantage of and change your current situation?  For example it took me a while to realize that social media could be used as a platform to build my clientele! I was an avid user and when facebook lives came out for example, I was one of the first people out of the gate. But how was I using it? Pbbbt!!! Now, I see it as a perfect opportunity to connect with my clients across the globe, in various time zones, not to mention the many childhood friends I have been able to reconnect with, and to keep tabs on my people back in my motherland. I also have unlimited and uninterrupted internet which is a plus! Make a list of opportunities that could help propel you to the next level.

Lastly in our personal SWOT analysis process are the threats!

These feed into most people’s biggest enemy and success inhibitor – fear! Many people tend to shut down when they encounter a threat. They start justifying why nothing will work, or why they shouldn’t be doing this or that. But the reality is we shall always have threats to our happiness! Every time we seek to expand, we venture into the unknown and yes, it is scary! We encounter unfamiliar things then we have three choices, shut down, do nothing (which is actually doing something), or stare the threat in the eye and charge! What do you normally choose? I will share with you a bit of what I faced…when I realized that to expand, I needed to create content for my clients, my heart was gripped with fear. I literally stared at my computer not because I developed writer’s block, but because I was afraid of putting myself out there! I was scared of being judged against other beautifully written pieces of work. This fear actually fed into the procrastination I had. So while my brain formulated the content, I did nothing. By doing nothing, I denied myself the opportunity to expand, and you would not be reading this post! I had opportunities staring me in the face, a coach cheering me on that I was scared that I would disappoint her with my inaction, (am sure she will jump with glee), so I chose to stare fear in the face, grab the horns of opportunity and charge! The result is this post!

Now, your turn. It doesn’t matter that you are a newbie or seasoned at what you do, time comes when you need to expand into the next dimension. What are the possible threats to your progress?  Again, do not be shy! Get these out of your system and onto paper. Writing things down is actually a way of purging and healing! What opportunities could you take advantage of that would obliterate these threats?

I am curious to know how going through this SWOT experience unfolded for you. Sometimes we are so afraid of facing our fears. We do not want the world to see our vulnerabilities, because we are afraid of being judged. Honestly, everyone is busy dealing with their own issues and they are not even focussed on your faults! YOU are focussed on them! So unless you reach deep inside of you and excavate those negativities and put them on paper, they remain exactly that. Negativities. And guess where they stay…inside of YOU! I don’t think you want these parasites living inside you. It’s an uncomfortable place to be.

This exercise is a sneak peek into the endless possibilities available to you in the BREAK FREE ZONE. While in the zone, we teach you to face your fears squarely and tell them where to go (as long as it’s not inside of you!) We also support your transformational journey of walking out of your own shadow and into your amazing spotlight, and I assure you, you will NEVER be invisible again! You will be free!!!

Feel free to share your thoughts below this post or connect with me here in the Break Free Zone on Facebook, or contact me here if you wish to expand to the next phase of your success.

You can also email me to set up your next steps. We have amazing programs tailored for your individual needs, where you will journey and breakthrough alongside an experienced teacher who combines holistic healing and transformational coaching techniques to set you up for success.

Love and Light,

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