Surviving work day

Back to back meetings, to-do lists, looming deadlines, grumpy bosses, whiny co-workers, endless emails, can all consume you at work. You need to create moments of “pause” to reset in the middle of and at the end of each task. You’ve definitely got to have some tools in your box or some tips for surviving a busy workday!

Remember how excited you were when you saw the advert for that job? Do you recall how elated you were when you received the call for the interview? Or how nervous you felt when you finally went for the interview? The tension as you waited for the call to confirm that you got the job? I bet surviving work was the last thing on your mind on your first day at work.

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As the novelty of the job wore on, your body started sending you messages. The fatigue set in, the stress, assignments became more challenging, eventually you are burnt out. Maybe you found yourself dreading Mondays and looking forward to Fridays? At this point your job is no longer the dream you thought it would be. Even the pay that appeared so attractive when you applied for the job doesn’t appear as lucrative anymore. You start questioning if you made the right decision. How could something you loved become so dreaded? You feel like a victim. A victim of your decision. Aren’t we all victims of our decisions? I’ll help you out here, to get you from victim mode to survivor mode and eventually you will conquer!

“We are all victims of our decisions. Its up to us to choose continue to stay in victim mode, survival mode or boss mode”

Do you spend your day on your feet, or sitting at a desk? Do you work alone or as a team, or with adults or children. It is important to prioritize your energetic health before during and after work! Energetic health is ignored by most professionals. They don’t think about it much of they dismiss or relegate it to people who are losing their mind. Many professionals do not create space in their lives to educate themselves about energy mastery. I am not talking self-care, another misunderstood tool. Going to the gym, spa or laying in a warm bath is not what I am discussing here. I am providing some insight into tips for surviving a busy work day.

Energy Mastery Supersedes Self-Care

Energy mastery is being in charge of your energy all the time during the day. It will keep you focused and productive. It is a key tool every professional, entrepreneur, child, youth, adult, and any one in every walk of life needs. Every professional needs this! Energy mastery supersedes superficial self-care. Tools such as this one can help you be more focused as a way to manage your energy.

Surviving a busy work day should not wait until your body falls apart. Do not wait until you are burning out, stressed, overwhelmed and have to get medical attention. It is a necessity to maintain good health. You need it for success, centering, focus, motivation, recharging and all. Take charge of your energetic health, learn some tools to keep you grounded. Discover how to switch to your superhuman self in order to complete complex tasks. Protect yourself from the negativity of the people around you. Energetically calm the never ending storms in your work place. Also remember to sprinkle positive energy into every conversation and room you get into.

While it is important to own your morning routine, it is also important to reset and recharge at the end of every day. This way you don’t become the grumpy, whiny person that every family member dreads of coming home. A simple foot bath can help you when done daily to take back control of your day and so is a good night’s sleep. Don’t wait to hit rock bottom before you can turn to energy work to lift you up. If you are interested in exploring energy tools to further boost your personal and professional life, health and relationships, feel free to check out my programs in the Break Free Zone.

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