What is it going to take for you to actually attract what is already yours into your life? To manifest as some call it, but it is actually allowing what you want to appear in your reality. It’s gonna take you saying “ENOUGH!!!” to the BS! The Behind the Scenes nonsense you are feeding yourself and not being authentic TO YOURSELF! You’re gonna have to learn to be yourself and honor your life’s mission with authenticity. It’s so easy in this day and age of social media to clean up, and choose the perfect spot to take that shot, filter it and throw it at the world so as not to let them into what exactly is happening.

Filters are great. Really they are. I have used them to enhance my poor images because my phone camera is actually not that great! Any how, besides your audience aside, the people who already love you and will gobble up whatever you put in their hands, including your BS, you are called to bring your medicine to who wider audience. This means that you are going to have to address the authenticity question. Are you being truthful and fully transparent with yourself? In private? When no one is looking? Are you acknowledging the parts of you that require you to attend to first before you prepare the next false cover you are to present to the world?

 Are you being truthful and fully transparent with yourself? In private? 
When no one is looking?

Personally I struggle with procrastination! I know when soul asks me to do something and it is so big. Then I tell myself that even if I do not do it now, no one will know it was ever assigned to me. Even with my knowing that when soul asks me to do something, it is my responsibility and obligattion to do it, without question. I know that! But sometimes I stall! And you know what sucks, a few minutes or hours later, I encounter someone struggling with something that soul already gave me an answer to, but I have no where to reference this person! Have you ever had a situation when someone says something and you are like OMG! I just wrote a blog about it…go read it here! Its so cool. But when I don’t follow soul, then I feel so bad that much as I could talk to a person, having put in place that thing that soul asked me to do, would have cememnted things for them.

So now what do I do? everyday becomes a learning moment where I put things aside that seem urgent but are actually distractions from soul direction, and I do what soul says. As I write this, my bedroom needs a good tidying, but soul said, “Not right now, we are doing the blog!” I could push the blog off and tidy up so hubby doesn’t wonder what he signed up for haha, but nah, that will wait!

Red-letter day in the belarussian village

I have a question for you, when you say you stand for something in a public forum, whether to friends or on a social media platform, do you really stand for it in private or is it all a show? When you hold back from sharing what you stand for because you are “a private person,” are you doding the world a good service by taking and never giving back?

Guess what, not honouring who you truly are in private, either by holding back, or doing the opposite of what you say or show in public, i.e. editing the truth out of your life, is the reason what you want out of and from life is evading you! Most people do not realize that hand to mouth, pay check to paycheck, money always running out of month is all directly connected to how they show up in the world, honoring their calling or life mission.

Check Your pulse! Take the lie detector test.

Are you showing up fully as you are called? Are you honoring your life’s mission? Are you hiding anything from the public eye? Are you holding back from speaking your truth because of what others will think? Are you afraid of acknowledging that it is time to find out your life mission? Are you deliberately refusing to step into your power because it will ruffle some feathers or disrupt or current cozy comfort zone? Are you afraid of doing wha you’ve nevver done before because it seems wierd? Are you afraid of telling your stories of struggle and triumph because its too private? And am not talking about not airing your stuff, AND HEY, IF IT HELPS ANOTHER PERSON TO BREAK FREE, WHY NOT? The last I checked, most moving stories are what leads others to turn their lives around! Even for you, the stories that have moved you are stories of people who defied the odds.


The world is waiting for your story my dear. Until people hear it, maybe your mission here has not even started! If it means that your dirty laundry is the medicine that will set others including yourself free, it is time to air it! Oh and by the way, why are you holding onto it again? It’s dirty anyway! You don’t need it! But someone else might, in order to break free from life’s shackles!!!! You can distract yourself, help others fulfill their missions even when they are not aligned with yours, focus on just paying the bills and playing in the shadows, but don’t blame God or anyone for that matter when what you want is evading you.

Sadly we are conditioned to think that being private is safe. Yet all the great people that have moved us have done so because of how public their lives became! Most autobiographies are best sellers because of the racy and/or jaw dropping stories they contain! Because we cannot believe that our (s)hero was like that before we knew them! Does it turn us off? No! Why? Because it makes our (s)hero relatable! We even love them more! It is because they chose to get past that earth shattering part of their life and break out of incarceration! That (s)heroic move or those moves are what move us to admire these fellas!


Yesterday I watched JLo at 50 and Shakira at 43 defy all limitations including gravity and put on a spectacular half time show at the Superbowl. I don’t understand football, I didn’t even know who was playing, but I was there for the half time show. And boy did they hit a home run! Or is it a touch down lol. I later saw the hullabaloo on social media about grown women being too sexual and I was taken aback! Those girls are entertainers, what do you expect? They were asked to do this and were paid a hefty sum because of what they can deliver! And boy did they deliver! While haters make noise on line, these girls are smiling to the bank. So if you allow fear of what people will say, your mission is officially dead and so is everything you are meant to be achieving!

So why are you still sitting on that could be medicine to to the world? What are you covering up? What skeletons are you hiding in your cupboard? What dirt are you protecting? You cannot use your dirty linen anyway. It stinks. How long will you leave it piled up? What is it going to take for you to say ENOUGH! So you can empty those cupboards and clean out those drawers and make room for your blessings? Your blessings have no where to go because of the dirt and skeletons you are holding onto!

Empty that shit out! Stop putting up a facade! It is not to your benefit or that of your earthly mission! You cannot receive blessings with your hands full of junk! Your blessings are held back to protect you and those you are here to impact! Yet you continue to hide behind the veil! To live in the shadows. To blend in with the wall paper!

ENOUGH! Remember, you were built for more!

Dr Mim

Break Free Zone

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