There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action” Goethe.

When I awoke to the reality that who I was BEing and DOing was a large part of who I had been conditioned to BE and DO. I had been programmed by society and culture and was very little of who I was, was who I truly and deeply set out to be.

Upon reflection I saw the multiple ways in my life that didn’t fit with who I was here to be and do. I did the work. I went through a period of healing… I worked on things I needed to shed out of my system,. Stuff that had been passed down to me through my DNA. I knew deep inside, that I was here for a reason. I was called to impact.

Then the real me who had been buried underneath all those layers of trying to be what I was expected by society to be and do, the conventional stuff of “go to school and get a job aligned with what you went to school for”, “know your roots and the conditions you were raised in and stay in the same path”, “don’t get distracted by rich people”, all that stuff! Like seriously no one told me growing up that I could be financially successful and abundant by doing what I was passionate about! Heck no! I was told to lay low and know my type. That’s who I was to hang out with and stay connected to!

 Like seriously no one told me growing up that I could be financially successful and abundant by doing what I was passionate about! 

Golly gosh! Anyhow, I am here now! Called to impact! Called to help others undergo their own healing processes so that they can break free from society’s grip on them. People are happier when you are playing at a level much lower than you are supposed to be. People dislike seeing one progressing faster than them! People don’t like to see you bring in a different or new trick in the game. Because they don’t recognize it! It’s unfamiliar! And unfamiliar is alien and therefore evil and dangerous. So instead of finding out what that is, they conspire to bring about your downfall!

I am an educator. An academic. We do research. Learning, analyzing and applying is part of what we do! We continue to seek knowledge, we apply what makes sense to us after critically analyzing it. Unfortunately, not many seek to educate themselves outside the scope of their area of expertise.

Feeding the mind it is called. You cannot feed your body from one book or one subject area. Feed your mind! When you feed your mind, make sure it is a balanced diet. Learn about life, business, wealth, health, psychology, ethics, behaviour, politics, mysticism, accounting, digitech. I am not saying get a PhD in each area but for heaven’s sake don’t be ignorant. If you don’t want to read, seek out leaders in these areas and hear what they have to say! You don’t have to agree but at least you are not ignorant. It is this ignorance of not feeding on all the wealth of knowledge around us that keeps people unable to reach their full potential or live their purpose!!!

 When you feed your mind, make sure you're feeding it a balanced diet. 

So I urge you, before you run off crying wolf and calling people names, talk to them and pick their brain! People will only show you what you require of them at that time. We all have God-given gifts and OPPORTUNITIES! But when we spend time looking outward and not inward, we miss the mark! Without a great inner game, your outer game will be full of making other people your business and your own business will remain unattended to! It’s like opening your shop and you leave it and start paying attention to someone else and how the layout in their shop is wrong and could be better, why their walls are red not white, and all that Jazz! Attend to your shop my dear! Make the necessary decor and layout decisions and work on how you can best provide customer service to those who come in or they will never be repeat customers! For those who missed it, take care of your inner game so you attract the right people in your life! And as you upgrade the type of customers will upgrade as well!

Harmony is not about all of us singing the same tune! It’s all of us singing each our tune and making that sucker sound beautiful! Break Free!

Love, Dr Mim xo

P.S: Doors to “Build Your Self-Love Muscle” open on Feb 1st 2020. Secure your spot early! This is for those who are done playing the impressing others’ game and want to know how to break through to the next level so that they can start living life per their calling! —

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