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As I woke up this morning, I remembered that it is Halloween. I contemplated whether to dress up in the only animated outfit I own, a polar bear, or to just go as me. When I tuned in and what came out was a clear directive, “Unmask Your Truth!” I then sat with this statement as I firmly decided to wear my polar bear onesie.

What came out strongly for me was that many times people ask a question or seek advice, but they go ahead and do what they wanted anyway, what felt right for them. We then get upset if they did not follow our advice! The reality is they already had the answer within them, their gut feels right and they go ahead and trust their gut. Seriously, we just have to be thankful when someone makes a decision. If it works out, great, if it doesn’t there are lessons to be learned.

Your truth

This leads me to a musing I had a while back. I was raised in a communal culture where everyone looks out for everyone, so decision making is not so much an individual thing. This meant that going through school, everything I did, classes I chose etc, were selected with possible approval in mind. Each time I stepped out into the word, I had the question, “what will they think?” So everything I said and did was based on saving face. Of course many times the rebellious streak in me reared its head to remind me of who I was. Hear about more of it here. I was not meant to define myself or show up into the world to please anyone. There was no need for me to wear a mask all day.

Fast forward years later, after I learned that the rebellious streak was MY TRUTH, I embraced it fully. I said to myself, “unmask your truth!” My truth had been covered up with nothing that was mine! Everything belonged to someone else under the guise of culture, religion, education etc. I know you could be out here always seeking permission to be yourself. Even when you say you do what you want, you still seek validation if you showed up cool enough, or hot enough, or sexy enough, or young enough, or rich enough. This stuff is deeply ingrained! It’s taken me years of INTENTIONAL HEALING to unmask my truth, stand in my power and be open to empower others to follow suit.

So for me, Halloween is a day of reminder that everyday, we walk around with masks. Do you for example put on make up to cover up what you don’t want to see, and accent what you want to see. How much attention goes to your clothing? Are you hiding those legs, or hips, or bust, or whatever part you are not confident of. Or are you accenting them to get noticed? Do you smile at people who you resent deep down? Hide behind filters to paint a picture that you the world to see? Hide behind screens and type what you cannot say with your mouth? I say, unmask your truth!

A big reason why you may be unhappy is because you are afraid of the truth. When people tell me that they do not take action in the lives because they are afraid of the unknown, deep down they know! It’s the unknown that you haven’t put out to the world that you are scared of revealing! The deep truth of who you are that you are scared of putting out there and allowing the world to see! The solid truth which once it comes out will set you and others free. You have to be daring to unmask your truth. It is dying to come out, let it out!


So take a few moments and in your journal (If you follow me you should have one!) write down what truth you are hiding behind. What is that thing that is stopping you from fully showing up as you? That thing that freaks you out deep inside and you would do anything to not let others see it? That thing that you are hiding behind, although you think you are hiding it inside you? WRITE IT DOWN. Get it out of your system. Shake it out! All of it! Now read it over. Write down how you feel after reading it over. Its out in the open now and you cannot take it back! Write down what’s the worst that could happen if the world got to know it. Ok now write down how you would show up AFTER the world read your thing. I mean after hiding for several days, you come out of your shell and the news cycle has taken over, there is another story. Who would you be? We talk about this and more in our weekly fireside experience, join us!

Now you know, that before you ask ANYONE else for advice or their opinion of something, you too have an opinion on it! You just have to unmask your truth, sit in it, and let it out. When you make that decision without the input of others, it sits better with you and you actually see clearer where you are going. Other people’s opinions end up overcrowding your thoughts and inhibiting your thinking capacity. Now am not talking about your coach, lol. But even with your coach, things may not sit well with you, and that’s okay. Take what works for you, lean into it, feel it and swing in the direction that your body pendulum shows you, your intuition. YOUR TRUTH!

Unmasked lion
Of course, a figure skating lion!!!

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