TTapping into the inner self

I grew up in the church but was not taught how to tap into and follow intuition. Most of the time we were told to to listen to the still small voice also known as the Holy Spirit. I assure you I tried, I listened but I never heard that still small voice. All this was programming which ignored who I was at the core. Years later however, I discovered that the still small voice I was supposed to hear, was actually the sound of my soul! The voice was never an external entity, it was my intuition! Some refer to it as a gut feeling. I started to tap into and follow intuition by following the nudges and prompts I received, and it worked!

Some time back, I registered the trade name of the spiritual business that I have been spiritually called to build. Prior to that, I battled with the name, “Crazy Big Dreamers,” for people who are called to dream big and know that anything is possible. I then tried “The Reiki Estuary,” well I couldn’t even say that without feeling it wasn’t mine. I registered that anyway. But because I did not know how to tap into and follow intuition, none of those names stuck!

A year later, after I learned to tune into my gut feeling, I downloaded the name Break Free Zone. I checked google and everywhere and didn’t find that phrase! I was ecstatic. It worked! I had learned how to tune in, trust and follow my intuition! I loved it and it meant so much! This is what I wanted to do for people. Help them break free from any shackles holding them back from being fully themselves. A state that is fully achieved when you learn how to tap into and follow intuition!

Remember I had registered my business under a separate name. But I constantly put off going for a name change. Recently, as I was doing my morning soul work, (Yes I do spend time doing me first before I engage with the world. I learnt that practicing mindful and meditative journaling every day, increases my ability to tune into my intuition. To listen to that still small voice inside of me!) I felt a strong push to go and get the name change. I was at the registry at 9 am when it opened! It was that strong!

The lady who handled my file did a great job, got Break Free Zone trade name registered then she proceeded to engage me in a conversation that left me open mouthed at Spirit! She asked, “I see people come in to register life coaching businesses, what is that about?” I proceeded to explain to how I approached my life coaching practice. My focus is on self empowerment and healing with a strong emphasis on how to tap into and follow intuition. The answers are already in us, and all we need is to tune into who we are uniquely, in spite of how the world has defined us. We decide which direction we want our life to go, by tuning in and following the prompts of our soul.

The lady proceeded to share with me part of her story, she mentioned that she rebelled against her parents, just like me and told me about some recent dreams she had had. she then asked for my contact as she needed me to guide her through her life decisions as her coach! Well, if I had not tuned into the strong prompt to go that morning to the registry, I would not have connected with this lady! There was a potential client right in my backyard but if I had denied myself the opportunity to listen, trust and follow, I would not have made the connection!

Additionally, I had just received a download to focus on some local events for the people in my area. This was confirmation for me, that the prompts were real. But they required a strong sense of intention and mindfulness to make that connection and follow through! Honestly, this also gave me a renewed sense of purpose and, I was motivated to do even more of what I had ignored in the past or not done much of such as writing this blog! Now here I am sharing this! All because I tuned in and put into practice how to tap into and follow intuition.

Break Free Zone

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