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Long hours of sitting hunched up over your computer, eyes glued to the screen in front of you as work on the facts and figures can create exhaustion and burn-out. Your eyes need some respite. If you are confined to your chair in your little cubicle, or in a long winded meeting for hours on end, you feel stressed and uncomfortable. It gets worse especially if you have dead-lines to meet. All this is driving you to frenzy. And Heaven forbid should you have a boss who is a disgruntled taskmaster! If you feel this way, burn-out is on knocking a your door! There are however, lots of simple ways to stay motivated and avoid burn-out and stress. Unfortunately, these are the least thought about and rare overly dismissed but they work!

Meanwhile, as your career line shoots up on the on the corporate graph, the health-line on your fitness chart goes plummeting downward. But hey! There are ways to avoid burn out and increase productivity throughout your work day. Aside from setting your day up properly so you are ready for your work day, being resourceful and bring in a little more verve into your work-life by practicing a few simple energizing exercises during your lunch break or in-between working hours.

Below are five simple exercises to re-energize yourself:

Freshen your Eyes

Importantly, your eyes need to be fresh if you are to be effective at work. Washing the eyes keeps them alert, bright and sparkling. It prevents you from feeling drowsy and helps to awaken your brain. Therefore, bathing your eyes every two hours or so, especially if you are working at the computer for long hours, can increase productivity and efficiency. .

Make a quick visit to the wash-room and gently splash water into the eyes about ten times. This process will energize your brain and increase your focus. It also cools your eyes, helps to give your eyes a break and relieve the strain of staring at the computer for long hours. Bathing your eyes also clears harmful radiations to which your eyes are relentlessly exposed to while working at your computer and, reduces dryness of the eyes. Remember to also blink regularly when working at the computer!

Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing helps revitalize your entire being. You can do this in the comfort of your chair at your desk.

Close your eyes and bring your attention on your breathing. Breathe in to the count of four (to the beat of your pulse), then pause to the count of two, exhale to the count of four and pause to the count of two. This makes on breath-cycle. Repeat this breath-pattern ten to fifteen times depending on how much time you have to spend.

Deep breathing certainly clears the mind and brings you back into the present. Deep breathing soothes your endocrine system and relaxes your heart and mind. This activity ultimately increases productivity and efficiency, and prevents burn out.

Shoulder Exercises

These relieve strain and tension from your shoulders brought about by stress, and loosens the shoulder muscles.

Sit with your back erect, your hands resting on your lap. Now rotate your shoulders slowly and gently in a clockwork motion for about ten times, and then rotate them anti-clockwise, ten times. Now rest for 5 seconds. Repeat the clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation twice more with a five second rest in between repetitions.

Listening to Relaxation Music

For this you need to have ear-phones. Listen to some soft, soothing meditation music or music for relaxation and to avoid burn-out and stress. This is especially helpful to reduce agitation, distraction or if you are not able to focus on your work.

Just tune into your favorite music or find some relaxation music on you tube, and let go of all your thoughts and worries. Sit back and relax with the sound of the music. Allow yourself to simply drift with the music. Imagine your thoughts floating away on a cloud. As each thought presents itself, allow it to move along. Do this during your lunch-break, or at your convenience. You can set a timer for five to twenty minutes, depending on your preference.

After this experience, your worries and anxieties dissipate as deep inner peace fills your being, above all. You then return to your work with greater mental-clarity, and better concentration.


Palming is a very effective exercise for tired eyes, especially after reading for a long time or using the computer.

Rub your palms together and place them over your eyes.Close your eyes fully, and breathe normally. Do this for about one to five minutes. Then remove your hands from your eyes and gently open your eyes.

This exercise relaxes your eyes and freshens as if awoken from good sleep. This is an invigorating exercise for your eyes.

Most importantly, combine these exercises for increased impact. Additionally, do not forget to get up and move around to increase your blood circulation. These exercises help to avoid burn-out and stress. Additionally, if you need a longer lasting strategy to support you beyond your work place and ensure all areas of your life are receiving the much needed attention, we can work together long term, to get you to take charge of your life! Your health is your responsibility. It is your lifelong companion; take care of it.

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