When I first heard about the Law of Attraction, I couldn’t get it. Just focus on what you want? Isn’t that what I always did anyway. I saw a car, I knew I wanted it. And this car kind of stayed in my mind until I saw what I thought was a better car. I wanted a great family, to be love and adored. I wanted good education. I wanted a high paying job. I really wanted a great life overall. The part I missed for the longest time was taking action. And of course I was going to work. I thought this was enough! But the hours of my work day never increased and neither did I have control over my pay to raise it!

I was taking action but what was I missing? I cooked, cleaned, was a great wife and mother, went to school, got a job, gave my children what I thought was the best life. I even went to church, prayed at home, read the bible, I was nice to others, but something was not adding up! I was taking action based on what I was taught growing up, but this was not necessarily aligned action! What the heck was aligned action?

As I embarked on a quest for who I was a little over five years ago, I finally made sense of what “taking aligned action meant”. At least how I eventually made sense of it. Listening to the freebies on youtube and other social media platforms didn’t do it for me. Something was always left unsaid. I felt cheated. Then I realized that a deeper walk with one of these speakers might do it for me. But which one? I asked myself.

I started the complex journey of figuring out who I was by buying online courses ranging from Law of Attraction to creating a signature course to vision board workshops to practising fengshui etc. I spent a good amount of dollars on many of these courses. And boy was I picky too. I didn’t want to “waste” money on “expensive” courses. At first I was not even ready to pay for any courses, then I started tiptoeing into doing so.

At first I thought that these course at that time didn’t move the needle for me, and of course I didn’t do much with them at that time. Still something started shifting. I didn’t understand how powerful they were back then, just because I had not done personal inner work that I needed to do, to remove the veil of societal programming that I had inherited and learned over the years! But the walls started cracking.

What is societal programming you may ask? When we are born, we are told from the get go, what is right or wrong, what is true or false, what we should and shouldn’t do, we are given morals to live by, school rules and all. We are punished when we act in ways that are perceived to be going against those societal expectations. As such we try to fit in with each action and decision. This process of trying to fit in causes us to lose who we are as individuals and adopt who we need to be as a piece of a generational puzzle in our communities.

This desire to fit in or sense of belongingness was even touted by Maslow as one of the most important components of the basic human needs. People need to feel that they belong! Or so we are told. This, I found, during my awakening journey to be the detriment of my failure to manifest what I wanted. This was the reason why the Law of attraction didn’t work for me! This was the reason I still had a void in my spirit despite my strong Christian beliefs. When I understood that, the veil dissipated, the walls crumbled and laid bare were my limiting beliefs and blocks that had been hidden in the foundation of my life.

It was not until I walked alongside a coach and healer for over six months, that I was able to uproot all the deep seated stuff that kept me needing to stay on the straight and narrow as prescribed by society and heal my past. Yes I had always fought for self-autonomy throughout my childhood, but I was always labelled as wayward. And as I got older I started following what society deemed to be the “right” thing to do, and people’s reaction was “who knew that Miriam would do this?”

So the initial aligned action that I needed to take was to shift my mindset, overcome and remove all deep seated societally programmed beliefs and blocks that were preventing me from attracting the life I wanted. I had to for example come to terms with money blocks that I had such as, thinking that hanging around rich and successful people was trying to live a life I didn’t belong to. I had been told growing up that I cannot hang around rich people’s children and pretend to be rich! Yet now I know that if I see a rich and successful person, I wanna know how they got there. I am running full speed to do whatever I can to rub shoulders and pick up any nuggets! Who doesn’t want to be successful?

I also sought to connect with who I really am. What my divine assignment is on earth. Who I am meant to serve and how. I recognize that not only would I not have met this me, with the veil of societal programming over my soul’s eyes, but I know that to be me means to live a life that would raise eyebrows, elicit sighs, and create distance between family and friends. Except that my family members probably already witnessed me living life outside the norm as a child! I also accepted my divine assignment of helping others shatter the veil of societal programming through Mindset Coaching, connect with who they really are and find their inner authentic voice and divine life purpose through Energy Healing. Until this inner work is done, the Law of Attraction will always be a myth!  Connect with me if you are ready to walk with me to help break free to your breakthrough!

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