Ever wondered why you are not making progress on that one thing? You’ve done everything, tried every technique proposed by all the gurus, prayed, visualized, affirmed and yet, that thing you desire so much, keeps eluding you!

Guess what? I have been there! I even bought courses, opted into every free offering out there, you tubed all day but still I couldn’t get my breakthrough! Until one of the mantras I had been sharing with my tribe sprung to life in my mind during one of my meditative walks – the answer you desire, lies within you. At this time as well, I had gotten into the beautiful habit of journaling. I found it to not be only a release portal for my feelings, thoughts and frustrations, but I had also discovered it as a revolving door that allowed me to bring cool ideas to life.

But, I am getting ahead of myself. As a child, I loved to read and write. I used to write so well that I actually won a couple of prizes for best essays at district level during my school days. Pretty good huh! However over the years, I slowly lost my creative writing because I always associated with being judged. I felt I was always writing to impress others, and gradually stopped altogether. This actually plagued me in grad school because I was so afraid of writing those 25 page essays, and my best yet was a poem I wrote instead of an essay. The dissertations were another story, I will tell you all about it another day.

Journaling pic 2Anyhow, when I was later on introduced to journaling and its inner workings, I wasn’t very enthusiastic about it. I kid of wrote, skipped days, felt guilty for skipping, then wrote out of guilt, but I didn’t know what to write about, so I just wrote as one person had suggested, just write! But this wasn’t working for me, so stopped and the cycle continued.

I was told that journaling meant writing down my feelings, but I thought I didn’t want anyone to read my feelings, so I short cut my own journaling experience, and guess what? I continued with feelings of frustration and guilt. I WAS SABOTAGING MYSELF! No wonder a lot of my dreams remained thus, DREAMS!! This self sabotage even penetrated my goal setting and subsequently I wasn’t hitting my goals! What a bummer!

Now, I do alot of mindfulness work and meditation. These allow me to not only go inside myself, but use my inner core as a gateway to connect with my vast expansive external environment. I eventually connected to an amazing coach who taught me how to do different forms of journaling, including release journaling, amongst other healing practices. I began to see how I could not only release negative thoughts and feelings through journaling, but by doing so, I was creating space to allow in new habits, practices and behaviors to overcome self sabotage in any area of my life – health, wealth and relationships. Then during one of my meditation walks I was reflecting on my  journaling experience when I realized that I could combine both practices as way to accelerate my dreams! Eureka!

burning-candle2-Combining meditation and journaling is not new, and most proponents of this will propose setting a few moments aside to meditate then journal then meditate. I personally found this a little bit disruptive as it required me to switch approaches. I decided I would try to write while in a meditative state. And just allow the pen to glide on the pages. This is how it goes

  1. Prepare the space where the mindful meditative journaling is to take place. Make sure you will not be interrupted for at least 20 minutes. Light a candle, burn some incense and play soft music, basically to awaken the senses so you can be more receptive to my downloaded messages. Some people like to be outside in nature and get their senses awakened that way, up to you!
  2. Invite your spiritual team (That could be God, Jesus, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, Fairies, Spirit Guides etc)
  3. Set the intention identifying one area in your life that needs to shift eg eating habits, financial management, relationship with a loved one.
  4. Take a few deep breaths connecting with your heart space to identify those patterns in your life that keep showing up in relation to this element that needs to be released. As you make this connection, write down the patterns that keep showing up around this issue.
  5. Take a few more deep breaths, stay in your heart space and identify YOUR ROLE in encouraging these patterns to recur. Do you experience denial? Self blame? Procrastination? Perfectionism? Comparasitis? Blaming others? Also note the emotions that come up as you do this and journal.
  6. Take another few deep breaths and connect with your womb space or the sacral chakra or the area 3 inches below your belly button and 3 inches inside that space. Breathe into that area and observe yourself over coming that issue. What changes are you making? What habits, behaviors and attitudes are being released and what new ones are you taking up to over come the block?
  7. Now breathe in and out feeling yourself connecting your heart and your sacral chakra with your breath. Visualize yourself on the other side, having overcome. Spend a few moments seeing, feeling, tasting, hearing and touching your desired outcome and feel what its like in your new life. Write everything down!
  8. Now ground your energy with your breath, pushing it down from the sacral space down your legs, into Mama Gaia and plant it firmly into your new experience. Now you know what it feels like, to have what you’ve wanted so badly, you know what practices and habits to drop and what to take up to get what you want.
  9. Write down 3 small steps you are going to take this week towards your new commitment. They could things to stop doing, or things you get to do, or both! And go do them! Don’t forget to journal your progress!

These sound like a lot of steps to go back and forth but once you master them for one area, you can certainly repeat them for another. Reading through your journal daily can help you as well to recall what you attracted into your meditative space. You can also just repeat steps 7 and 8 to keep your desire alive. Check in with your 3 steps and plan them into your everyday. I explain this a little more with this video.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emJWaWmlDtg&w=560&h=315]

I guarantee you, if you try these steps you will see yourself go from a self-sabotage agent to your biggest cheerleader. And the best part, you have your spiritual team rooting for you! If you want to work more closely with me to walk you through more transformational ways to spring board more meaning into your life, connect with me.

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