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Welcome! I am a multi-passionate intercultural speaker, coach, consultant and educator. My life's work is focussed on supporting individuals, families, and communities succeed in intercultural settings. I also provide auditing. consulting and training services for organizations seeking to effectively engage culturally diverse employees. I am also the international best-selling author of It Takes a Village to Wreck a Child, If you are looking to deconstruct cultural oppression and deconditioning for societal change, contact me now!

Over the past three decades, I have taught in post-secondary teacher training to in-service and pre-service teachers preparing them for culturally diversity education spaces. I have also partnered with various government and non-government organizations across Canada over the past two decades, sharing my knowledge and expertise on breaking intercultural trauma cycles and dismantling systemic oppression.

I am a wife, mom of four (3 adult children and a teenager) and a glamma to the sweetest girl.
To help individuals, families and organizations break free from socio-cultural conditioning, create culturally inclusive environments and unleash the full potential of the individuals within these environments.
Whether you are an individual or a complex organization, I lead you through a complete audit of your life or organizational practices. Whether it is a long drawn out process or a quick audit, I meet you where your comfort level is.

However, my audit inquiry approach pushes you out of your comfort zone which is where you don’t want to remain any way, and into a new space where I invite you to explore possibilities you have not yet considered. Together we co-create the life or organizational culture you desire.

Get The Book, "It Takes A Village To Wreck A Child"

In this book, you are taken on an epic journey that summons you to examine how you have been inviting the village to be active participants in the raising of your children. While it may come across as a biography, it is intended as a powerful reflective and healing tool for you as a parent, as well as someone who was parented by the village. While the parent may be well intentioned by inviting or allowing the village to participate in the collective raising of children, the repercussions may be adverse.

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Keynote Talks

Give your team the motivational boost they need to switch their mindset and reignite their passion for work and life in a culturally diverse setting. With the chaos rife in the world today, so many people have lost hope and drive, are mentally struggling to keep up. This affects their performance, at work, home and in the community at large. Miriam’s bold persona has garnered attention with the way she ignites tough conversations in a relatable manner and addresses the intrapersonal and interpersonal diversity challenges that plague individuals and organizations today. Miriam’s approach goes beyond just talking, she uses a combination of research and story telling to develop her narrative, and equips her audience with the tools to effect lasting change.

Consultation & Training

When was the last time your organization received an Intercultural Health Check? Most company / organizational policies are steeped in colonial approaches and systemic disparities that do not take into consideration the changing employee demographics. It is imperative that organizations take a look at their existing policies and practices and match them up with the realities of their team members and clientele.

Miriam is available to complete an intercultural health check of your organization which would include a complete audit of team members experiences with and interpretations of the policies and practices, an independent and collaborative review of the policies and practices with select members of the organization and develop an action plan to propose and effect any changes if required.

You can also boost your teams’ confidence in your leadership by taking advantage of Dr Miriam’s high level team mentorship or professional development workshops on Anti-Racism & Anti Oppression in the Workplace, Intercultural Awareness, Intercultural Communication at Work, Compassion Fatigue and Mental Health First Aid.

Life & Family Mentorship

Did you know that having a mentor is the most important decision you can ever make in your life? Work place promotions are 5X more likely to occur for mentees and 6X for mentors (Gartner 2006). 86% of individuals with mentors are more likely to stay long with a company. 93% of people with small businesses have drawn on mentorship to succeed (Forbes 2019).

Mentorship is not an option. It is foundational to life’s success. And this includes personal, family, financial, and career success. Long term mentorship and coaching are important for long term consistency, unleashing your potential and experiencing massive success.

Miriam offers individuals and families opportunities a mentorship and coaching relationship in which she helps them develop their goals, shares scientifically proven tools that dismantle the status quo, and ensures they accelerate towards and attain their goals.

She also provides parenting tools to help break intergenerational family patterns that keep children in oppressive states, improve parent-child communication, and, break down any limitations that prevent family members from achieving an extraordinary life.

By mentoring and coaching with Dr Miriam, each individual will harness their divine gifts and take action steps outside the limits that have been set for them by society.

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